Happy Monday! This weekend was full with Christmas parties and the half marathon!  Can barely walk today, lol.  Since December is such a busy time for everyone, I thought it would be helpful to write about five simple ways to save a little time over the holidays.  At the end of the day, try to relax and enjoy what makes December so special!

nordstrom sweater


Curbside Pickup/Shopping Online

To be honest, I do most of my Holiday shopping online to avoid spending time in line.  It is so much easier to have things arrive at your door or pick them up curbside without waiting to checkout or looking for a parking space.  Nordstrom is my go-to since they have pretty much everything on my list and they offer both curbside pickup & buy online/pickup in store.  Convenient and efficient one stop shopping!

The Starbucks App

I’m a little late to the game, but The Starbucks App is amazing! My sister kept telling me about how great it is and I finally downloaded it last month.  You can load the app with your payment, order to the nearest location then walk in, (pass the line) and pick up your drink that is waiting with your name on it.  It is such a time saver!

10 Minute self tanner

If you don’t have time to go out for a spray tan, this natural looking quick self tanner is bomb. It is organic, doesn’t smell bad and you only have to leave it on for ten minutes! (Or a little longer if you want to be darker.)

Quick Meals on the Go

  I’m the first to admit that I get SO hangry!! I love to keep Think Thin and RX bars in my purse.  I’ll have one with a protein smoothie or fresh juice from my favorite Juice Bar for a quick and healthy breakfast or lunch on the go.

Interval Workouts

Since there is not always time to drive to and from a 1 hour class in morning traffic, a HIIT workout can be even more effective.  I posted this interval workout we made up for half marathon training on Insta stories and keep getting requests for it so I thought you might like it to be saved in an actual blog post. One reader said she didn’t have time to make it to her evening class so she did this instead and loved it!  Sprints are also great for improving your pace.  Just step outside your door and try the 45 minute workout below.  Here is my new playlist to go with it!

interval workout

Screen shot this workout on your phone so you can use it the next time you can’t fit in a full run or make it to class.

nordstrom curbside pickup

december outfits

These boots are so comfortable and this sweater is a great basic!

starbucks app

starbucks app

starbucks app order