Over the last year I’ve kind of become obsessed with Amazon! I can get everything on there from bulk snacks to hard to find hair products to cute workout clothes and it usually all arrives at my door within 24 to 48 hours. Here are a few things I like to get on Amazon:

fabuloso platinum blonde on Amazon

1. FABULOSO platinum blonde conditioner

My hair girl, Megan recommended this purple conditioner to help keep your blonde more of a platinum color.

2. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Forgot where I heard about this purple shampoo but I use it once a week to cut down on brassiness. It can be a little drying so you don’t want to use it every day.

3. St. Tropez Express Self Tan

I apply this self tanner with this hand Mitt and rinse after three hours once a week.  It gives a really pretty tan that looks more brown than orange.

4. ThinkThin Protein Bars

I have one of these yummy protein bars almost every day for an afternoon snack!  They are way cheaper to order in bulk on Amazon than at my grocery store.  I keep mine in the fridge!

5. Balega Blister Resistant Running Socks

At first I didn’t get why these running socks were so expensive, but every runner told me I needed to try them.  These socks have helped me the most with preventing blisters.

6. L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise

This mascara is really good! I always curl my lashes before applying and get the non- waterproof one so it is easier to wash off at night!


 I’m currently into this one and this one … both are quick and to the point, perfect for a busy morning or right before bed.

8. Running Shoes

These Asics are my current fave for long runs. Also love my On pair and Nike pair for shorter runs.

9. Pop Sockets

I love how easy it is to hold my phone with this rose gold pop socket!

10. Barefoot Dreams Robe

This soft robe is my favorite to wear when getting ready or when making breakfast.

11. Workout leggings

This pair from spanx is one of my current favorite.

12. Aluminum free deodorant

I got this Natural deodorant in my stocking for Christmas and wanted to order more but could’nt find it any where but Amazon!

13. Sugar Bear Hair

Love these gummy vitamins for hair growth and I really feel like they work!

14. Emmy’s gluten free cookies

These chocolate coconut cookies are so good and I always have a hard time finding them in stores.

15. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo gets me through non wash days.  It smells good and covers up blonde roots… If you have dark hair they make a brunette version too!

This post is not sponsored by Amazon, although it does contain affiliate links where I take a commission if something is purchased.

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