Travel tips & What I always pack in my carry on

Since carrying on simplifies the travel process, I rarely ever check a bag!  Here are a few travel tips & things I always pack in my carry on…

krystal schlegel travel tips

tee // jeans // sandals // bag // earrings

Invest in a quality roll on bag

Find a quality carry on bag – that rolls four ways.  I just invested in this lightweight Rimowa one.  I love that I can set my tote bag on top of it and just push them along next to me.

Get mini travel sizes of your favorite products

The first question people always ask when I say I didn’t check a bag is what about your toiletries?  I found my fave perfume, face wash, dry shampoo, toothpaste etc. in mini travel sizes and put them in this TSA approved clear bag.

Bring your own snacks and water bottle

I always bring my own snacks because they are usually more expensive at the airport and I want to make sure I have all of my favorites!  (Almond Butter Perfect bars, rx bars and these little gluten free brownie bites.)  I also bring extra to have throughout the trip for breakfast or a snack as well.

It is also smart to bring an empty water bottle so that you can fill it up once you go through security! Water is also marked way up at the airport.  I use this one.

Put your purse inside a larger tote

My purse always goes inside my tote bag to save room and to keep it clean.  I also put my makeup bag, magazines, headphones, an extra pair of shoes and snacks in the tote.

Bring Layers

I’m always freezing on the airplane, so I will usually bring a denim jacket, scarf or cozy sweater to wear once on the plane

Invest in noise canceling headphones

Even if I’m not listening to anything, I turn on my noise canceling headphones to block out the airplane sounds.  I was a bit skeptical of the price of these, but invested in them a few years ago for a trip to Italy.  They are so worth it – I’ve used them on almost every flight since!

Keep Clean

There are so many germs on the plane, be sure to wipe everything down. (I like these wipes because they are individually wrapped so the pack doesn’t dry out.)  I also take these CVS AirShield vitamin gummies – not sure if they actually help but I like to think they work lol!