15 Best Amazon Purchases

15 of my favorite Amazon Purchases:

favorite Amazon Purchases

1. TSA approved toiletree bags

These reusable travel bags are great for girls who like to carry on – they fit all of the necessities and are TSA approved.

2. Makeup cleansing towels

 Love these mini towels for taking makeup off – they save my white bath towels from getting dirty.

3. Dry Razors

I use these razors dry to get rid of peach fuzz.

4. Spibelt

This running belt is lightweight and holds my phone and energy chews for long runs.

5. Pant hangers

 I organize my jeans, pants and scarves on these non slip hangers!

6. Tweezerman Lightup mirror

This mirror is the best for plucking eyebrows and applying eye makeup!

7. J.Crew Mercantile Tee

This t-shirt feels really high quality for under $20.

8. Massage Foam Roller

This massage stick is great for rolling out sore calves from running.

9. Yeti straw and lid

I love having this reusable straw for my Yetis.

10. Yeti Rambler

I refill this 30 oz Yeti Rambler with water several times throughout the day and it keeps the ice frozen all day!

11. Vega Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder

My post run smoothie includes this organic protein powder, banana, ice and cinnamon.

12. Plastic Kitchen Pantry bins

I use these plastic pantry bins to organize my snack drawer, coffee pods and other kitchen supplies.

13. Back tan applicator

This tan applicator actually works so well for the hard to reach places lol.  I use it with this L’Oreal self tanner.

14. Ice Roller

Face rolling is actually so fun and refreshing – love this one because it is large and can be kept in the freezer.

15. Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Conditioner

This purple toning conditioner helps keep blonde hair ashy (more of a white blonde) and takes away the brassiness!  I have been using it once a week for several years and always order it from Amazon.

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