Simple tips that have helped my hair

I got a trim last week and my stylist pointed out that she thought my hair seemed really healthy for how blonde it is! Wanted to share a few simple things I’ve been doing to help strengthen my hair…


Olaplex treatment on dry hair

This Olaplex number 3 hair treatment has helped so much! I put it on when my hair *is still dry* before a workout then after wash it out, shampoo and condition. The reason I like to put deep conditioning treatments on while my hair is dry is because it absorbs product better.

Wash less

In order to go days between washes, I put it up in a high bun with a jaw clip while working out then load up on dry shampoo.  (Love this one and this one.) My hair type is naturally thick, curly and frizzy so I can’t just let it air dry.  More on washing less here.

Good styling products

This blowout spray is my all time favorite.  It works so well to detangle and add shine.  Next I blow dry with the Dyson hair dryer (which has cut way down on dry time) and this round brush.

Daily Hair Vitamins

I feel like the sugar bear hair Vitamins and these hair skin and nail Vitamins work really well… I’ve been using both for a few years.  They taste like dessert!

Dry hair cuts

Every 3 to 6 months I get a trim.  My hair stylist blow drys my hair board straight then cuts it while it is completely dry.  She does this to see exactly how much needs to come off and can cut the minimal amount.  I just ask for a dry haircut and lots of long layers.

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