Weekend Notes

gracie wall paper

gracie wall paper // restoration hardware couch

  1. Why I run and my favorite Lululemon leggings.
  2. The 6 step social media diet that really works.
  3. My morning and night daily beauty routine.
  4. A question I get asked often – What I eat before and after workouts.
  5. My favorite hair vitamins – been taking these daily for years!
  6. The stylish flat that is secretly a slipper.
  7. I almost always carry one of these large bottles of water with me to help get in my daily goal.
  8. Just ordered another pair of these cute pajamas.
  9. My absolute favorite cozy robe – this also makes a great gift idea!
  10. Love this “built in bra” tank for Pilates.
  11. This barefoot dreams baby blanket is such a sweet gift for a momma to be!
  12. A cute set of thank you notes – trying to keep up with mine for the wedding!
  13. We love this Lafco candle and this Diptqyue candle in our home.
  14. Luke loves this Yeti cooler, I also got one for my Dad for father’s day last year!
  15. Love having this Starbucks cold brew in the fridge when I don’t have time to go for coffee.
  16. This Vitamix blender is great for making smoothies at home.
  17. These lemon and sparkling blackberry drinks are so refreshing.
  18. We tried home chef this week and loved it! They are offering $20 off you first for orders with code KRYSTAL80 if you want to try it out too!
  19. This mama necklace is such a cute gift idea for Mother’s day.
  20. Our Engagement photos and tips for what to wear.
  21. These FAST AND FREE TIGHTS are the leggings that I have worn in several half marathons and the pair that got me through all 26.2 miles and all of the training for my first Marathon!
  22. These healthy morning muffins looks so good!
  23. 13 things to do after your wedding.
  24. An easy tee shirt dress to throw on for $12.
  25. Positive Psychology tools and a quiz to play to your strengths.
  26. Love to add ice and lime to this sparkling water for a refreshing 0 cal drink!

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