What I eat before & after workouts

A common question I get is what I eat before and after a run or training session? I like to have a few quick and healthy meals and pre / post workout snacks in mind and thought it could be helpful to share! Here is what works for me to eat before and after cardio and strength training…

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Before Cardio / Running

Since I usually run early in the morning, I don’t eat before. I just have an iced coffee. I prefer to do cardio on an empty stomach.

After Cardio / Running

After a run, I usually have more of an appetite! Lately I either have a Peanut Butter with oatmeal and fruit, a smoothie or egg whites with fruit and sliced avocado.

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Before Weight Training

I usually line up my weight training sessions right after breakfast so that I have food in my stomach. I will always have coffee first thing (around 7:30 AM ) then have breakfast a little bit later on my way to the gym or a class. A green smoothie, a banana with oatmeal and peanut butter or a Protein Bar.

After Weight Training

After lifting weights, I try to eat a lunch that is full of plant based protein. A few of my favorites are gluten free pasta with olive oil and salt, a protein smoothie, no bake energy balls or edamame with vegetables and brown rice.

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While running

For marathon training, I need fuel during the 2 hour and up long runs. I would either have a Perfect Bar, Skratch gummies or Stinger chews. During the Dallas Marathon, I drank water and Gatorade at every station (about every two miles) and had a Perfect Bar. I kept all of this (plus my phone) in my running belt.

Also these are my favorite headphones!

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