Why I run & favorite lululemon leggings

The high quality lululemon Fast and Free tights are my all time favorite for running! These are the same leggings that got me through all 26.2 miles and all of the training for my first Marathon!

krystal schlegel running lululemon

Define Jacket // Fast and Free tights // baller hat

Why I run!

1. I feel strong, healthy and powerful while running. It is my time to just be in the moment and enjoy the outdoors.

2. There is no better feeling than “runners high.” I love getting sweaty, feeling the wind in my face and basking in the endorphins.

3. I love pushing myself. Having sore muscles and knowing that I accomplished a distance or pace I thought I would never be able to do makes me feel good.

4. You can run anywhere anytime.  That means you don’t need a gym membership and you can find a trail in pretty much any city. Just put on your shoes and go. Run through a pretty neighborhood. My favorite in Dallas is The Katy Trail because they have quarter mile markers and it is 7 miles total.  In New York City, we love to run the paths in Central Park!

 5. I love to run with Luke. Luke and I are about the same pace and it makes for a fun ‘morning date.’  We trained for the Marathon together and often run on Saturday mornings together.

6. It keeps me motivated to eat healthy, drink water and cross train.

7. I can track my progress and heart rate. The apple watch, Strava App and the lululemon run club are great for tracking your workouts, tailored challenges, setting goals and connecting with other runners.

8. I love the running community – Meeting other runners, connecting on social media, a smile while passing on the trail.

9. I love to think “I get to run” instead of “I have to run”.

 10.The feeling of accomplishment and adventure! I love that just finished a run feeling.

lululemon running tights

These are the same supportive lululemon leggings that I have worn in several half marathons and the pair that got me through all 26.2 miles and all of the training for my first Marathon! I love the lightweight feel, full coverage and side pockets!

For hot days, I like these lululemon shorts.

lululemon runners stretch

I have been wearing the lululemon Define Jacket for years! I have this one in a several dark colors and love the lightweight texture and pockets! This jacket is flattering, easy to zip off and tie around your waist and perfect to exercise in.

runners jacket

A good running hat is a must have for me! I like that it protects from the sun and keeps my hair out of my face.

running leggings / Shopstyle and lululemon

Why do you love to run!?

Big thank you to lululemon and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post! Images by Mary Hafner.

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