Weekend Notes

This is one of the first weekends to be at home with no real plans. (Other than getting organized and celebrating Easter!) We are looking forward to a few low key nights before everything reallllyyy starts to build up for the Wedding next week!

Keep reading for weekend notes and links…

kitchen registry
  1. Love this copper kitchen set from our registry.
  2. My morning and night daily beauty routine.
  3. These refrigerated protein bars are so good!
  4. This mama necklace is such a cute gift idea for Mother’s day.
  5. All of the looks from Bridal Fashion Week.
  6. A quality essential white tee.
  7. Always fun to read Amy’s Q and As.
  8. Having these large Evian bottles with me always helps me drink more water throughout the day.
  9. My current workout schedule.
  10. 7 Everyday habits that drain your energy.
  11. Have been using this hair treatment for a few months 1-2 times a week on dry hair and really think it works!
  12. A pretty white outfit for Spring.
  13. We are obsessed with this big candle!
  14. Our Engagement photos and tips for what to wear.
  15. How to make “healthy” Easter basket treats!
  16. These are my favorite socks for running.
  17. What 2,000 calories looks like – at home vs a restaurant.
  18. This body blur tan lotion gives the prettiest glow.  I use the shade Latte.
  19. Want to try these protein shake recipes from Somewhere Lately.
  20. We got these cute heart coffee mugs from our wedding registry and I absolutely love them!!
  21. These hair skin and nail vitamins are so good!

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