Current workout schedule

My post marathon workout schedule and what I’m currently doing to feel my best..

current workout schedule

sweatshirt // leggings // nike sneakers // sunglasses

Current workout schedule:

Monday – strength training

Tuesday – 3 mile run

Wednesday – strength training

Thursday – fast 3 mile run

Friday – Pilates class or rest

Saturday – 3-6 mile run

Sunday – Pilates class or rest

This more relaxed schedule has been working well for me!  If I need a day off, I don’t stress about missing a workout.  After running the Marathon, I cut back on my weekly mileage. Right now I’m running 9-12 miles per week and incorporating more weight training and Pilates classes.  I’ve noticed a big difference in my strength and muscle tone since eliminating distance running and amping up the weights!  I want to feel strong and healthy for our Wedding in 6 weeks.  (Want to look like me, just the healthiest version!)

pink nike

New sneakers from Nordstrom are always a good workout motivator.  These Nike Air Max sneakers are on trend and the small pop of color is really fun!  They run true to size and I’m wearing the shade washed coral here.  I wouldn’t recommend these for running, but I do love them for weight training and as a casual sneaker!


In addition to workouts, I try to stay as active as possible throughout the day when I’m not at my computer – Walking to get coffee in the morning, taking the stars, parking far away from the store, walking to dinner etc.  The apple watch is a big motivator to get my goals in.  Incorporating more movement throughout the day adds up and makes me feel better!

current workout schedule

These airlift high waist workout leggings from Nordstrom are so flattering!  I wear them for every type of workout: Pilates, running, strength training, walking etc.  The high waist smooths everything out.

alo sweatshirt

I really notice that when I start with a good workout, my whole day is better!


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