Weekend Notes

matching set / davines


  1. My healthy morning routine.
  2. Our favorite candles for each room.
  3. A few favorite purchases this month.
  4. All of the sources for our blue and white bowls and vases.
  5. The best brands for loungewear.
  6. Had so much fun answering questions for this guest post Q & A with Amy!
  7. Just ordered these white Chanel mules for our honeymoon!
  8. Loving this natural face serum!
  9. What’s in my shower.
  10. Our save the date!
  11. Wedding decor inspo.
  12. Just ordered this microderm tool and can’t wait to try it!
  13. These TSA approved travel bags are the best for carrying on with your toiletries!
  14. Been taking these cute hair gummies for years and love them!
  15. Heart eyes for this Chanel bag.
  16. Loved reading this reminder to pray.
  17. 30 stylish ways to wear sneakers.
  18. We got this knife set from our registry and they are incredible!
  19. 4 ways to be more consistent with your routine.
  20. My current favorite shampoo and conditioner by Davines.

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