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I wanted to really use our Peloton before getting back to you on a review, so here it is! My Peloton review…

peloton reviews

We decided to get a Peloton bike because we were both moving from apartments that had a convenient gym into a house. My friend Amy talked us into getting one because she loved hers so much! We still like to get out of the house and run outside and lift weights at the gym etc., but we also wanted something we could do at home. I think cycling is such a good suppliment to running and weight training with less impact.

We have some finished out attic space that is kind of a small media room that we put our bike in. One pro is that you don’t need very much space for the bike.

The convenience factor is so nice. I am especially grateful for the bike when I don’t have enough time to leave the house to workout or if it is raining or too hot and humid and I don’t want to run outside. I also don’t feel like I have to wash my hair after taking every class so that is a time saver too lol!

faq’s about the Peloton:

Do you think it is worth the price?

100%, I think it is a really good investment.. especially if two people are using it. Luke and I both use ours and would end up paying more for unlimited classes elsewhere. Also, the convenience factor is so nice. On busy mornings I can just grab my coffee and run upstairs to get in a quick class. This morning I literally just wore the sweats I slept in and a sports bra – so easy! Also if you have kids and can’t always leave for your workout, this seems like a great option.

Another factor when considering the price – Peloton also offers Running workouts, Yoga, stretching, bootcamps, arm workouts and more classes that you can do on the go from the App on your phone or stream on the bike screen.

Who are you favorite instructors?

My favorite spin instructors are Cody Rigsby, Leanne Hainsby and Alex Toussaint for spin. Leanne is in amazing shape and I love her 30 minute rides as well as the 10 minute arms rides. I like Cody for the pop music classes. He is so positive and fun! Alex does the best 45 minute intervals and arms rides. He is really good at kicking you into gear with high energy music and motivation. Alex has more of a Hell yes, let’s go approach!

For yoga I really like Kristin McGee, she has a ton of great pre and post-natal classes too!

How long are the classes?

You can choose classes from 5 minutes and up! I usually do 30 or 45 minute rides. If I’m doing 45 minutes I pick a class that incorporates arms as well.

You can join live classes or classes that have already happened. You can flag / save your favorites to take again too!

How do you clean the bike?

We use sweat towels and antibacterial wipes / Lysol to wipe it down after each use.

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Do you both have separate accounts?

We each have a separate login for tracking stats, but it is one account to pay for.

peloton review

What does the bike come with?

There are different packages and options. We just got the Bike, a floor mat, 2 sets of 3lb weights and 2 pairs of shoes.

peloton review

Do you eat before or after your workouts?

I personally like to do cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. So, if I’m running or doing a Peloton class I just have coffee before. After my workout, I like to have breakfast – usually a smoothie or oatmeal with PB and banana. Before lifting weights I like to eat before and after. More on what I eat before and after workouts here!

peloton review

What do you wear to cycle?

I usually wear my favorite Nike sports bralulu leggingsBalega socks and the peloton clip in shoes.

peloton reviews

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