Best Amazon purchases

Because it is Amazon prime day and we are big fans, thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite purchases..

amazon prime

electric juicer // Yeti tumbler // reusable metal straws // Davines conditioner // Youth eye cream // reusable TSA toiletry bags // bath salt // bath salt // acrylic hangers // compact steamer // deodorant // sugar bear hair gummies // sugar bear hair gummies // body oil // storage bins // long barrel curling iron // apple watch band // Essentia water // makeup towel set // Yeti cooler // hand soap

1.We just got this electric juicer – I’ve made celery juice so far! We also love our Breville coffee maker.

2. Big yeti fans at our house! We use these Yeti tumblers for ice water, coffee and smoothies. We also got the straw lids to go with.

3.We bring these reusable metal straws to Starbucks!

4. This Davines conditioner is my current favorite.

5. I originally got this Youth eye cream at a boutique beauty store in L.A. and the only other place I’ve been able to find it is Amazon.

6. These reusable TSA approved toiletry bags are my favorite! Mine have lasted for years and they fit quite a bit!

7. This epsom bath salt smells so clean and is perfect for soaking sore muscles and relaxing before bed.

8. My favorite hair brush! This one really helps detangle.

9. I love to recommend these high quality acrylic hangers! They are heavy and have a notch shoulder so that clothes don’t slip off. I use these matching acrylic hangers for everything from dresses to tanks, then for pants/jeans I use these no slip pant hangers.

10. We love this little steamer. I had a big one before and it took up so much space and was so heavy to carry around. This compact steamer is perfect for travel or grabbing quickly to steam from any room in the house.

11. We both use this aluminum free, non-toxic natural deodorant.

12. These sugar bear hair gummies are so good. I’ve been taking them for years and always re-order from Amazon.

13. I buy this 100% natural body oil/lotion in bulk.

14. These storage bins are great for organizing! I use them for snack bars & makeup etc…

15. Love this long barrel curling iron!

16. Just got a new white apple watch band – this one is such good quality for the price! Here is more info on how I use my apple watch.

17. It is so convenient to order Essentia water and have it delivered at the door!

18. I got this makeup towel set years ago! They are great for washing your face before bed.

19. I got this big Yeti cooler with wheels for Luke for his birthday on Amazon Prime! It is really heavy and was so convenient to have it delivered right to the front door and not having to carry it out of a store! We used it for his birthday party and the ice lasted all weekend.

20. This natural brand is great – we especially love their hand soap and body wash!

More amazon prime favorites!

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