Our 8 week + schedule

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A schedule has made my new life as a mama easier. I don’t have it all figured out, but this is a general timeline of what has personally worked well for us. You have to do what is best for you and your family! 🙂 Here is our 8 week schedule…

Lake is a really good baby. I think we both like the structure of a schedule and she seems to know what to expect with our routine. Having a schedule also helps me know why she might be crying or fussy – if it is getting close to a nap time she is probably ready to be in her crib.

Prior to 8 weeks she napped whenever she wanted and ate every 3 hours, now we do every 4. I’m so thankful that she is such a good sleeper. By 6 weeks she was sleeping through the night (with the help of a pacifier) and we were able to drop the nighttime feed.

One very helpful tip I learned early on is to put her in the crib while still awake. This way she knows how to fall asleep on her own.

I also switched her from the swaddle to sleeping bag around 8 weeks because she was taking her arms out of the swaddle. From day one, she has slept in her room in the crib at night and I try to have at least one of her long naps in her crib each day. The sound machine is always on in her room.

We started doing a bath every night right away so that it could become part of a nightly routine and she really loves it.

Our 8 week schedule:

7 AM (or whenever she wakes up on her own) Bottle

7:30 AM Walk outside in stroller or carrier

8:30/9 AM Lake naps

11 AM Bottle

11:30 AM Play time

12:30/1 PM Lake naps

3 PM Bottle

3:30 PM Play time

5 PM Lake takes a shorter nap

6:30 PM Bath time

7 PM Bottle then books

7:30 PM Say prayers then Lake goes to sleep in sleep sack in her crib for the night.

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