14 Month + schedule and toys

We recently dropped Lake down to one nap in the afternoon! While it is nice have the mornings to get out, it took about a week for both us to get used to her not taking a morning nap lol. If you are in the same boat I thought I would share our current schedule. Keep scrolling for our 14 month schedule and a list of our favorite toys and play items! Also, here is our 8 week schedule and our 5 month+ schedule if you are interested in those as well!

14 month schedule - one nap

Our 14 month schedule:

7/7:30 AM Wake up then walk outside 🙂

8/9 AM Breakfast then get out for school, play time or errands

12 PM Lunch

12:30 Long nap

3:30 PM Wake up and have snack

6 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Bath

7/ 7:30 PM Say prayers then go to sleep in sleep sack in crib for the night! 🙂

While Lake and I both do well with a schedule, I am not completely crazy about it. Sometimes if we are out for dinner and bed time doesn’t happen until 8:30 it is not a huge deal. Sometimes life or travel get in the way of our schedule. I just try to follow it as much as possible when we can to have structure at home and so that we all know what to expect. 😉

Here are some of Lake’s current favorite toys and play items!

  1. My first table

3. Bath Toys

2. Leapfrong picnic basket toy

4. First baby doll

5. Splash pad

6. Play mat

7. Mushie cups toy

8. Ball pit

9. “If I were a” books

10. Toddler coloring book

11. Mirari pop piano toy

12. Mirari play phone

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14 month schedule and toddler toys
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Photos by Beckley.