night time beauty routine



I have found a few skin care products I love and find that it is actually kind of fun (and worth it!) to have a nightly routine. I keep it pretty simple so it only takes a few extra minutes.  This product made people question if my lashes are real and this product has given me a nice glow.

1. I  love that squeaky clean feeling where all of my makeup is gone. First I wash with this Kiehls Microdermabrasion.  It exfoliates and smoothes everything out.

2. Once my face is dry I get rid of anything left over by swiping this toner across my face with a cotton ball.  It is so refreshing and you can feel it working.  Then I use the other side of the cotton ball to take off my eye makeup with this gentle Chanel remover.

3. While those two are drying, I use my favorite product: the miracle lash grower.  I swipe this serum across my lids just like I would eye liner.  It has made a humungous difference in the length of my lashes.  (Side note: I also take these gummy vitamins for thicker lashes, hair and nails.)

4. This final product makes me feel like I have just finished a spa.  At first I was nervous to put an oil on my face, but I find the lavender scent is so calming. When I wake up in the morning it has dried and leaves my skin silky smooth.

neu lash

mario badescu skincare

kiehls midnight recovery oil and micro-dermabrasion

chanel makeup remover

Images by Krystal Schlegel. Photographed on Vogue May 2016.