pink and black

1. These heels are so comfortable and look so effortless with jeans or dresses.  Also wearing a nude straps elongates legs.

2. I just ordered these pretty hoop earrings to wear for nights out.

3. I’ve been wanting to try the Urban Decay neutral shadow palette since hearing about it on so many beauty blogs.

4. This open shoulder sweater is under $100.

5. This is the lipstick I wore in this post.

6. This ‘You are perfect to me’ tray is such a cute Valentines gift.

7. This ‘Hot Toddy’ heat protectant from Dry Bar is so good.

8. This tank is so chic.

9. This tote is perfect for day to day and also comes in black.

10. This bag is so classic.

11. These silk pillowcases are my favorite.  They keep your hair perfect overnight so my curls can last for days.

12. This heart keychain is so cute for Valentines.

13. These underwear are so comfortable.

heels // hoop earrings // Urban Decay palette // open shoulder sweater // lipstick // ‘You are perfect to me’ tray // ‘Hot Toddy’ heat protectant // tank // tote // Tory Burch bag // silk pillowcases // heart keychain // underwear