Last week we were in California with a big group and everyone wanted to know how we managed to pack everything we needed (and some) in a carry on.  Since not checking a bag simplifies the travel process, here are a few packing tips I’ve learned along the way:

packing tips

1. Find a quality roll on that can hold as much as possible:  This hard case one has worked really well.  It rolls in all directions making it super easy to navigate the airport.  Every time I use it, I am surprised by how much it can fit and how light it is!

2. Wear the jacket and shoes that take up the most space on the plane:  I always wear my jacket or sweater with wedges, boots or tennis shoes (depending on the time of year) so that the bulky items aren’t taking up a lot of space in my bag.

3. Put a small big inside your big tote:  I always choose one smaller purse and a clutch to bring on the trip and pack both inside of a larger tote for the plane ride.  The tote also holds my makeup bag, laptop, snacks, head phones, curling iron and any other shoes I need for the trip.

4. Pack socks inside shoes: This helps keep the shape of your shoes and takes up less space in your bag.

5. Plan your toiletries:  I go ahead and buy all of my favorite products in smaller sizes to keep in a reusable clear bag for my carry on.  Mine includes a shampoo travel set, tan towels, perfume, toothpaste, face wash (this one is my favorite and they make mini sizes) and of course my favorite dry shampoo.

6. Choose a few colors that match: My closet is filled with black, white, tan and the occasional pop of blue so that everything can be mixed and matched.

To see what I packed in my carry on for 8 days in Itlay last Summer check out this post.

Bon Voyage!

Image by Krystal Schlegel


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  1. Ahh girl, right there with ya!–I just recently posted on this subject too!–love only traveling with a carry-on. Like you said, just so much easier than having to check stuff. When we went on our honeymoon last year, no one could believe I packed for our 12 day European trip in just a carry on. And did the same for my husband. Love it! –I had even put carry-ons on our wedding registry and someone got them for us! 😉 I really like your hard roller one that you have!

    Keep it coming!