These healthy pumpkin bars are my new favorite snack and this cute off the shoulder sweater just got marked down under $50!

pumpkin bars

1. These healthy pumpkin spice protein bars taste just like pumpkin bread. (They are the ones I posted on insta stories yesterday.)

2. This V-neck sweater is the perfect neutral.

3. This Bare Minerals glow palette is so pretty for the holidays.

4. A cozy circle cardigan is a must have for Thanksgiving travel.

5. This off the shoulder tunic sweater just got marked down under $50 and comes in more colors.

6. This cozy poncho looks so cute with jeans, boots and a tee.

7. This basic cardigan comes in every color.

8. These black ankle booties can be worn with tights and dresses or black jeans.

9. Just ordered my favorite Christmas candle that also makes a great Thanksgiving hostess gift!

pumpkin spice protein bars // V-neck sweater  // Bare Minerals glow palette // cozy circle cardigan // off the shoulder tunic sweater // cozy poncho // basic cardigan // black ankle booties // Christmas candle

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  1. These are some great gifts! Love those boots

    More color please,