7 Simple tips for a productive day

Good morning babes! If you know me, you know that I have to have my morning coffee and that I’m kind of obsessed with scheduling my days out way in advance.  More on those two things and a few simple tips that help me have a productive day…

krystal schlegel

similar blazer // earrings // Jeans // tee // heels

Have a healthy morning routine

First thing I do after getting out of bed is grab a coffee.  That usually means running to Starbucks or having one at home, but it is something I look forward to (and need) every day.  Next I get in my workout, record it on my spreadsheet, come home to shower and have a healthy breakfast before starting on work.

Make Lists

The notes app on my iPhone is my favorite because it sinks up with my computer and is so easy to edit from either device. I keep a separate “note” for to do lists, my editorial calendar, upcoming campaigns, payments etc.  This keeps me organized and on top of things.

Time Block

Since my schedule is so different every day, I try to block out big chunks of time that I can be at my computer to get work done.  If I know I have meetings, a shoot and/or an event that day, I try to schedule them back to back so that the other part of my day can be spent “hyper focused” at my laptop.  I also try to knock out the less exciting things first so that I’m not tempted to procrastinate later in the day.

Schedule well in advance

I’m extremely Type A when it comes to planning but also have A.D.D. so for me, keeping a detailed calendar is absolutely necessary to stay on track.  Everything from work outs, dinners with friends, blog campaigns, photo shoots etc are usually scheduled well in advance.

Fuel throughout the day

Making sure to have healthy snacks and drink tons of water throughout the day is so important for energy levels and mood.  I almost always have a large water, juice or coffee with me in one hand and snack bars in my purse or I will be in such a bad mood lol.

Sleep with your phone in a different room

Charging my phone in the bathroom is something that has helped me know when to shut off from work mode and social media.  Not having my phone in bed helps me get better sleep and be more productive the next day.

Wear what you feel confident in

Even when it comes to workout clothes, I like to wear pieces that make me feel put together and confident.  For work, my favorite outfit is a great pair of jeans, a classic tee or blouse, heels and stud earrings.  Having go-to outfits saves time when getting ready.

Simple tips for a productive day

These stud earrings from the Bloomingdales 100% exclusive collection make every outfit feel more put together and polished.

veronica beard blazer

I’ve gotten so much use out of my grey skinny jeans this year.  Also love this pair by AG from Bloomingdales.

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 A sophisticated blazer always makes me feel more productive.  This classic style is similar to the one I’m wearing above for under $100 and is only available at Bloomingdales.  This Burberry tee is my go-to.

grey jeans