A few simple habits to have a more successful day…

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Wake Up Early

The coffee is what gets me out of bed, then the workout. Both are non-negotialble! I’m naturally more of a morning person.  If you struggle with waking up early, try gradually setting your alarm 15 minutes early every day and it will get easier.

Workout first thing

Getting in a workout before excuses come up is the best way to ensure it gets done.  I also schedule my workouts weeks in advance just like I would a meeting on the calendar.  Training for a race or having fitness goals definitely helps with motivation.

Make the bed

If it isn’t sheet wash day, make the bed.  It is a quick way to get something done first thing and just feels so much better to hop into at the end of the day!

Plan healthy meals and snacks

If I don’t eat every 3-4 hours, I end up starving and hangry!  Anyone else?  When busy days are coming up, throw a few snacks in your bag, find a quick healthy order on the go or meal prep at home.  Drink tons of water!  I’m constantly re-filling my Yeti.  If you make good choices, you will have more energy and feel better throughout the day.  On that note, leave room for a little dessert – my go-to is salted dark chocolate or Justin’s peanut butter cups.

Make to-do lists

I love to use the apple notes app on my phone to make running lists because it connects to my laptop.  It is easy to delete things once they are finished and I don’t forget anything!

Schedule social time

Connect over coffee with a work buddy, meet a friend for a workout class, face time a family member, plan a girls night, make dinner with your man – all of these give you a break, can help with stress and gives you a little something to look forward to!

Get dressed and ready

Getting ready in the morning (especially if you are full time mom or work from home) can be hard to do.  Putting in the effort of changing out of your robe, doing your hair and makeup and putting on an outfit can make you feel more confident and ready to take on the day.

Have Faith

Prayer time makes me feel so at ease and comfortable knowing that the Lord watches out and has a specific plan for each one of us.

Use a fitness tracker

I love that my Apple watch tracks all of my steps, workouts, calories etc.  It motivates me to get moving and there are little challenges within the health app for every month.  You can even follow friends that have the watch!

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