cartier carat

Find a new fresh fragrance

With a new season, it is always fun to find a new scent!  I’m currently loving the Cartier Carat fragrance from Bloomingdale’s – the packaging is so cool and the scent is a happy mix of flowers.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Grab a healthy Starbucks and make a date out of visiting a pumpkin patch together!  Every year we visit the Arboretum pumpkin village one Sunday after church with coffee in hand.

Think about how you are different

Each of us has different skills, strengths and ways we can contribute every day!  Think about what makes you different and how you can help.

Schedule outdoor workouts

October is a great month to move your workout outdoors with cooler weather and pretty fall leaves on the ground!

Join a new group

Yesterday I wen’t to a meeting with a new group called the Collective 31 where women in multiple industries can celebrate what makes us different and how we can work together to help each other!  I left feeling energized and excited just from meeting new people and connecting!

Go to a football game

Get tickets to your NFL or college team game – this makes a for a fun date and you can plan out a cute outfit!

Clean out your closet

I like to clean out my closet at the beginning of every season to take inventory of what I need and make room for new basics.  I take the clothes that I don’t wear to a re-sale store or donate!

Go to the state fair

Snap a pic with big tex, play games and get your boyfriend to win you a stuffed animal!

Decorate your home for Fall

I like to order a new blanket, get a pumpkin candle, put out cinnamon pine cones and make a Fall centerpiece for my kitchen table!

Make a Fall recipe from Pinterest

My favorite Fall ingredients are spaghetti squash, pomegranate seeds, envy apples, sweet potatoes and of course pumpkin!  Search your favorite ingredients on Pinterest to find good recipe ideas!

cartier love bracelets

Cartier Carat

cartier carat fragrance

Cartier Carat celebrates our inner light, happiness and what makes us different!  I was also drawn to the pretty packaging – if you are going to pick up a fragrance bottle and see it on your counter every morning, you want to love the way it looks!

cartier perfume

Cartier Carat has fresh notes of violet, lily, honeysuckle and tulips.

cartier carat bloomingdales

Cartier Carat is available to order at Bloomingdale’s!

cartier carat bloomingdales


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