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1. I wear the 75CM (2) for Gucci belt sizing and am normally a 26 in jeans if that helps for reference! More sizes/colors here, here, here and here.

2. These flattering under $100 workout leggings are a must have.

3. Tips for starting your day.

4. How to set good fitness goals you’ll actually achieve. (According to trainers.)

5. My new running playlist for January.

6. A classic & comfortable loafer.

7. Here’s where to travel in 2019 for inspiration.

8. These apple almond butter bites look so tasty!

9. Our engagement story.

10. 38 iconic golden globes dresses.

11. This cozy turtleneck is a best seller from last year – everything from this brand is so soft!

12. My favorite faux leather leggings.

13. Five simple tips for better skin.

14. The working girl detox.

15. Finds under $100.

16. My go-to light pink nail polish color.

17. Just got this cute white thong!

18. Love this Jo Malone scent year round.

19. Ordered this white tee to wear with jeans for our engagement photos today!

20. Just started using these anti-wrinkle face pads and love them so far.

21. Such a good classic investment bag.

22. The softest pullover sweater for athleisure outfits!

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