Finds under $100

Just got this organized travel makeup bag, re-oreded my favorite blowout spray and love highly recommend this oversized white button down!

travel makeup bag

black bodysuit // brown belt // layering necklace // hoop earrings // makeup bag // grey long sleeve v neck // white skinny jeans // oversized white button down // blowout spray // Valentines sleep set

1. Love this basic black bodysuit.

2.The price point on this classic brown belt is so good.

3. Want this delicate layering necklace.

4. Such a fun pair of wood hoop earrings for Spring and Summer.

5. Just got this organized travel makeup bag after Ashley posted about it! So excited to use it on our trip this week!

6. A comfy grey long sleeve.

7. Added these white skinny jeans to my Nordstrom cart.

8. A must have – the oversized white button down.

9. This blowout spray detangles like no other!  More favorite products in this blog post on tips that have helped my hair.

10. Love this Valentines sleep set and matching robe!  Would be such a cute V-day gift!

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