What is the Private Suite at LAX?

On our way to and from Bora Bora we connected through LAX and got to use the The Private Suite. It is a private terminal where instead of going through the airport, you go to a private building. TSA screening is done there. There are no lines. They deal with baggage, tickets etc. You just wait in a really cool private suite (stocked with anything you could ever want!) until it is time to board the plane. Then,  you are driven in a nice car across the tarmac directly to their aircraft where you can be the first or last one to board the airplane (You get to pick!) from a side set of stairs.

the private suite

Our room had a big seating area & TV and was stocked with all of our favorite snacks, drinks, coffee, chargers, toiletries etc! The Private Suite definitely makes travel more fun. We were actually looking forward to our layover in Los Angeles on the way home!

For more info on how to use the Private Suite at LAX click here.

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