Guide to a minimal + organized closet

Now is the perfect time to work on editing your closet! Here are my tips for keeping a minimal and organized closet year round.

organized closet guide

How to keep a clean + organized closet:

Coordinating hangers– Aside from workout clothes, pajamas and undergarments, I prefer to keep everything on a hanger instead of folded. It makes it easier to see. Having matching hangers makes everything look better. I use durable lucite hangers for jackets, tops, sweaters and dresses + no slip hangers for jeans, pants, skirts and shorts. I just got these hangers for baby’s closet.

Keep an organized closet by color + style– When everything has a designated place, it is easy to put things back and find what you need. I organize by style then color.

Bag placement– To keep bags shape and standing upright, I use empty shoe boxes or dust bags filled with sunglass boxes to fill them.  Tote bags with a long strap are hung on hangers.

Easy to find accessories– I keep belts rolled, scarves folded, and sunglasses in their original case in drawers. Jewelry is organized in a drawer in this tray.

A place for dirty clothes– Having an easy to access hamper helps keep things clean and off the floor. We have built in hampers that hide behind a cabinet door which I love! As soon as an item comes off, it goes in the hamper or back on the hanger so the closet never gets messy.

How to keep a minimal closet:

Edit, only keep what you wear + donate or sell the rest– Aside from seasonal and special occasion pieces, I only keep the clothes that I really wear and feel confident in.  I donate clothes that aren’t needed and take the higher end pieces to a re-sale store if they aren’t getting used.

Be intentional with new purchases– Before purchasing something I decide on what multiple occasions I can wear it for and how I would style it. Every piece needs to have a purpose. If I’m buying new items and running out of hangers, it means it is time to donate a few things I don’t need anymore.

Reasons for a neutral closet– You may notice I really only wear black, white, denim and neutral colors. The reason is that those colors make me feel calm and happy and a neutral color palette is the most versatile and timeless in my opinion. Walking into a neutral closet of essentials makes getting dressed quick and simple.

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