I love my mornings more than anything. I’m definitely more of a morning person and that extra time early in the day is when I get the most accomplished.


First thing I like to do after getting out of bed is grab a coffee.  That either means running to Starbucks or having coffee at home, but it is something I look forward to (and need) every day.  Next I get in my workout (either running outside or pilates) and come home to shower and have breakfast.  Then I start my skincare routine and make sure to drink plenty of water to feel refreshed for the day.

When it comes to my skin, I like to keep it simple and use natural products.  No harsh peels and nothing too strong.  First I cleanse with this and this (love a good foaming cleanser) then use face cream or oil to prep and hydrate my skin for the day.

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten really into face oils.  To be honest, the thought of putting oil on my face scared me at first, but now I’m completely addicted.

Face oil really adds a natural looking glow and has a smoothing effect that I love.  The Divine Youth oil by L’Occitane smells fresh and really plumps the skin.  All of the products from their anti-aging Divine collection feel so luxurious and hydrating.

Next I like to get dressed in something comfortable for the day.  If I’m working from home that morning, slippers, jeans and a sweater are the perfect cozy combo.

slippers // similar sweater // jeans // fur pillow // throw blanket // Divine Youth Oil c/0 // Divine cream c/0 // Divine cleansing balm c/0 // Divine Cleansing Foam c/0 // Divine extract serum c/0

l'occitane face oil


loccitane creme


This post was sponsored by L’Occitane.  Images by Mary Summers.