Tips to stay healthy over the holidays

The holidays are always such a fun time, but things can get so rushed and busy that it can be difficult to remember to stay healthy!  When I asked y’all what blog content you wanted for November, the number one request was how to stay healthy over the holidays!  So, I’m happy to share a few tips that can hopefully help…

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Tips for staying healthy over the holidays:

Limit empty calories

Coffee drinks, cocktails, and desserts have tons of extra calories.  Try one of these healthy Starbucks orders or get just a black coffee.  Drink sparkling water with ice and lime instead of alcohol or have a few bites of dessert instead of the entire thing.  Instead of apple cider, have steamed apple juice with cinnamon.

Purchase a class package that expires

If you buy a package of classes that have an expiration date, you will be more likely to use them now!  This helps make you go more often and usually means you can get the sessions for a discounted rate.

Sign up for a race

Sign up for a Thanksgiving 5k to do with family or go on a walk together.  Better yet, sign up for a race you can train for throughout the season!  Putting a half or full Marathon on the books helps keep you motivated.

Don’t go to a party hungry

I read this in a health magazine years ago and it makes sense!  If I’m going to a Christmas party or wedding where I doubt there are healthy options, I’ll eat dinner before or have a snack so I’m not ravenous & tempted to indulge by the time food is served.  Focus on socializing and catching up, not the treats!

Keep hydrated

Often times thirst can be mistaken for hunger.  Make sure you stay hydrated by always keeping a water bottle with you.

Make healthy swaps

If your holiday weakness is pretzels, try popcorn that only has oil and salt.  Instead of eating pumpkin pie, have one pumpkin spice Lara bar.  Order a sparkling water with ice and lime instead of a cocktail. Instead of cookies have a piece of dark chocolate!  Have spaghetti squash instead of mac n’ cheese, a baked sweet potato with cinnamon and salt instead of mashed potatoes, a baked cinnamon apple instead of apple pie!

Offer to bring a healthy salad or side for dinner

If you are not the one cooking for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, offer to bring the salad (dressing on the side) or make a healthy dish!  Skinny taste always has a ton of great options like this brussel sprout and squash (I would throw in some dried cranberries, yum!) this spaghetti squash and this vegetarian pumpkin chili.

Schedule workouts for the AM

With all of the business that surrounds the holidays, so many things can pop up after work.  Try to get your workout done first thing in the morning so that other obligations don’t get in the way.

Instead of meeting for drinks, meet for  a workout

On my days off from running, I love to meet my sister or a friend for a walk or class.  This gets you moving while also being able to catch up with friends!

tips for staying healthy over the holidays

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