Thought it would be fun to share a few Marathon training tips & updates with ya’ll!  There have been ups and downs, but overall I love the schedule, pushing myself and the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with the training.

Krystal Schlegel - marathon training tips

As of now my longest run has been 18 miles!  The distance went really well – half way through I stopped for 2 minutes to get water and eat a Perfect Bar.  The fuel really helped power me through and on this long run I never walked.  I made the mistake the Saturday before of not have any water or food nearby during my 15 mile run and ended up having to walk the last mile.  It shows how important proper fuel is during these long runs.  Here is more info on the Marathon training program I’m following.

marathon training tips

After my 16 mile run I felt so happy – serious runners high!  To be honest, a few hours later I was exhausted and starving and the pain from my blisters set in.  Distance running is fun and rewarding, but also really takes a toll on your body.

More on my apple watch in this blog post.

how to treat running blisters

So far the only major down side of distance running has been blisters!  I have weird shape toes lol.

After my first Half Marathon I got really bad blood blisters on the edge of my big toe – those have healed. (The doctor I went to said to scrub them with a callus remover once they dried out and that helped get rid of them.)

Over the last few weeks I got new grape size (not exaggerating) blisters on the inside of my big toe.  I’ve tried different socks, shoe sizes, shoe brands and more!  A few things that have helped me treat the old and current blisters are cross training on the elliptical machine and the items listed below.  Please check with your doctor if you have running blisters, but wanted to share a few of the items that have helped me!

Running Blister on big toe treatments:

Dr. Sholl’s Active series blister cushion

So far these have been the best bandages I’ve been able to find.  They are thin, stay in place and cover the whole blister.  First I put on a 2nd skin square, then the blister cushion on top.

2nd skin squares

You guys actually recommended these 2nd skin squares on Instagram after my first Half Marathon when I asked for blister help! They are a gel cushion that you place under tape or a bandage.

Nexcare Flexible Clear First Aid Tape

A runner recommended using a single layer of this tape once my blisters heal.

Callus Remover

Once a blister dries up, you can remove the skin with a pedicure file to smooth everything out.  This really helped get rid of my old blisters – I previously thought it was best to build up a callus, but my Doctor said it is better to have everything smooth and it worked!


I’ve been using this on my feet to prevent chafing and new blisters.

Dr. Frederick’s Original Gel Toe Tubes

If I’m not wearing a bandage on my big toe, I wear these toe covers.

Tea tree oil

This helps to dry them out.

marathon training

Current Schedule:

My current workout schedule is to run between 3-10 miles Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays are the long runs up to 20 miles.  With the blisters this week I’ve been using the elliptical machine instead of running until they heal.  (Hoping to get back to outdoor runs on Saturday.)    Here is more info on the Marathon training program I’m following.

Mondays I’m working with a personal trainer and Fridays I’m doing Pilates or taking a rest day.  Sunday I’ll do yoga, the stairs, elliptical or rest.

perfect bars

Running Fuel:

Perfect Bars

I love the taste of these bars and they have a lot of calories.  I will have one with a large iced coffee before my long run and another one during.

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Lentil Pasta

This organic protein packed pasta has been a go-to for dinner.  I just add a little salt and olive oil.


Chipotle is one of my favorite post run stops when I don’t feel like cooking.  My healthy order is a Topo Chico and a salad bowl with shredded lettuce, brown rice, black beans, pico, corn and guacamole – then I of course add salt.


You can order pretty much any dish steamed at most Asian restaurants to eliminate the sauce and deep fry. I like to get steamed vegetables and brown rice then add soy sauce myself at Pei Wei.  This is one of my favorite meals the night before a long run because it fills me up and is so healthy.

Extra Water

I’m drinking more water than ever – I usually deliver big bottles of Essentia on Amazon Prime and keep my big Yeti filled with ice water at all times.

hal higdon book

Marathon training tips for Recovery:

Foam Roll

I try to foam roll and stretch as often as possible.

Epsom Salt Baths

My favorite way to relax when sore is in an Epsom Salt Bath and a book.  I’m currently into this book by Hal Higdon – it has really good Marathon training tips!

Sports Massage

I’ve been getting a deep tissue sports massage one to two times a month and always find it a nice treat to look forward to.

asics gel nimbus

Running Shoes:

Right now I’m alternating between these Asics and these Hokas.  I find the Hokas have a lot of bounce and really work my calves.  I recommend getting fitted at a running store and always go at least one size up in shoes.  For socks I wear Balegas.

Running Playlist:

You can use my Marathon training run playlist on iTunes.  A few of my favorite songs to run to right now are Happy Birthday Featuring John Legend by Kygo, Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd and Fast Car Featuring Dakota by Jonas Blue.

If you have any Marathon training tips to share or other questions you can always ask me!!

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