Summer workout motivation

Between the heat, vacations, work and Summer social plans, it can be extra difficult to stay motivated to workout this time of year. Wanted to share a few tips to help keep us all on track with our Summer workout motivation.


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Summer workout motivation:

Find a few workouts you really love

Certain workouts aren’t for everyone. I get really bored in Yoga and have a hard time running on the treadmill. I also like to switch things up so that I can work different muscles and don’t get bored.

Try a workout 5 times and if you still don’t like it, move on and try something else! Don’t force it… You are much more likely to stick with a workout if you actually enjoy it! My favorites are running outside, walking, weight training, peloton classes and reformer pilates.

Never miss a Monday

I really love the #nevermissamonday goal. It starts the week off right and you are usually well rested from Sunday. I like to schedule my most difficult weight training day on Monday mornings when I have the most energy.

Sign up for a run and Make a Summer workout training schedule

If you love to run, sign up for a Fall race that you can start training for over the Summer! Having something on the calendar is so motivating. It could be a 5k, half or full Marathon.

Training in the heat makes running in the Fall feel easier too! Just try to get it done in the early AM (when it is coolest) and drink tons of extra water!

Workout in the morning (after coffee)

Schedule a time every morning to get your workout done first thing before family or work obligations and more exciting plans come up! Coffee also helps with my performance. I know for me, if I don’t do it first thing, it won’t get done and I have the most energy right after drinking my coffee. The morning is also the best time to get a Summer run in since it isn’t as hot.

Working out first thing sets my day up on a positive note and reminds me to eat healthy throughout the day.

Invest in a personal trainer

I love working out with a PT because they can really help you with proper form and injury prevention. It is also a great way to stay on schedule. I’m currently doing Monday and Wednesday mornings with my trainer Brock Travis at his Dallas gym Vive. I look forward to our sessions and feel like strength training also makes me a better runner.

Meet a friend

When I have someone working out with me, I’m not going to cancel and I am much more likely to push myself harder when I am with someone else. It is also a productive way to catch up and spend time together.

Invest in an apple watch

My apple helps keep me motivated by counting my steps and active calories. The apple watch also sets tailored goals for me every month on the iPhone activity app. More on how I use my apple watch for fitness here.

Pack your workout clothes and sneaks on vacation

Luke and I still workout on vacation because it keeps us on track and we really enjoy it together. We might workout less, but we still try to get something in. We also love running on vacation and try to research a route before we go because it is a great way to see the city and change up your surroundings! You can also find our hotel gym workout here.

Share your #workout

Telling your friends you are training for a race and posting your #runview on social media is a great way to stay accountable. Whether or not you post it, filming your workouts can help you see what you are doing right/wrong regarding form.

Think of all of the benefits

Not only does working out have physical benefits, but it boosts your mood, helps with confidence, keeps you healthy and feeling good! I try to think of my workout as a happy and positive way to start my day. We don’t have to workout, we GET TO!

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