My favorite at home workouts

Wanted to share my favorite do anywhere at home workouts!

at home workouts

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home workouts:

Peloton bike + classes

Luke and I both love the Peloton bike! Even without the bike you can subscribe to use all types of classes on the Peloton app. I love the body weight, yoga and arms workouts as well. You can check out my Peloton review for more FAQs.

Tone it up

These classes are fun and uplifiting! I love this quick 30 minute prenatal workout! (You can do it with or without free weights, booty bands and a mat.) They are also offering a free trial for new users on the Tone it up app.

Yoga with Adriene

When I was marathon training and before I started taking yoga classes in studio, I followed Yoga with Adriene’s classes on Youtube. She has all different types of free classes – a few of my favorites are Yoga for runners, deep stretch and lower back pain. All you really need is a yoga mat. 🙂

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa is worth a follow on instagram – she is a positive mama who always promotes a healthy, happy, plant based lifestyle! She has a membership program on her site and you can see her style of Pilates / yoga moves in this video.

8 Minute abs

I’m not doing specific ab workouts right now, but before pregnancy Luke and I loved doing this quick 8 minute abs video on Youtube together. Pretty sure it is from the 80’s lol, but we have used it while traveling and at home because it is fast and can be done literally anywhere!

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