Pregnancy workout routine

I feel like I have come up with a pretty good pregnancy workout routine (that works for me + my doctor approved) and wanted to share what I like doing and wearing in my third trimester in case you are expecting and want some ideas or inspiration. My current schedule consists of walking, yoga and Peloton classes. I just like to keep my legs moving as much as possible – it makes me happy and will hopefully lead to a better birth and healthier post-natal recovery!!

pregnancy workout routine

Top (size 8) // jacket (size 4) // align leggings // hoka shoes (half size up)

pregnancy workout routine

Daily: 30-90 minute walk

I try to be active for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. I like to get in at least one walk daily. This is a fun thing that I love to do with Luke every A.M. (we usually walk to get coffee before work) and then I will do another walk with family or a friend later in the day. These outdoor walks make me so happy and are a great way to stay active while catching up.

2 x Week: 30-60 minute Yoga Flow

I’m always surprised by how sore I am after a Yoga flow and I love the relaxation / stretching benefits. For now I am doing Yoga at home through the Peloton App, Youtube or with a private instructor. Sometimes I just pull out my mat, play good music and do some of my favorite Yoga poses / stretches for a few minutes. It really lifts my mood.

3 x Week: Peloton Classes

I have been especially grateful for our Peloton during quarantine. I love all of the classes including Arm workouts, Yoga flows and Interval rides. While preggo, I havn’t been getting my heart rate near as high as before, but I still like to get moving and have the Peloton instructors on. My favorites are Cody, Alex and Leanne. You can read my full Peloton review here if you are thinking of getting one.

(This is what has worked for me in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. In my first trimester I only walked because I was too nauseous and tired to do anything more.)

pregnancy workouts

I also wanted to share my favorite comfortable workout clothes right now since it is pretty much what I live in all day!..

pregnancy workout clothes

Short sleeve top– I size up to an 8 in this top – it runs really fitted. Love the lightweight sweat wicking material.

Yoga tank– This tank has a supportive built in sports bra that I love wearing for yoga, walking, spin and just around the house. I sized up 2 sizes for the bump.

Hotty Hot Short II 2.5– These low rise shorts are my favorite to wear for walking. Here is a pic of them on. They have built in underwear and are the perfect length. I sized up one size to a 6 for pregnancy.

Lululemon jacket– I also have this soft jacket in the hooded version and love them for layering.

Align leggings– These stretchy lightweight leggings are so soft and perfect a growing bump. I went up one size for pregnancy.

Hoka shoes– These are my favorite shoes for running / walking. I wore this brand for the Dallas Marathon last year and highly recommend them!

Yoga mat– Love this mat because it is really padded and easy to roll up / carry around.

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