Everything in my Diaper bag

Here is a list of what I keep in the diaper bag as well as how to keep a large tote bag organized! 🙂

diaper bag -  goyard tote organized

Goyard Saint Louis GM tote bag

Everything in my Diaper bag:

  1. Clear organizers – Since the tote that I use does not have compartments, these clear zip up bags are perfect for keeping diapers, bottles and wipes organized. I keep two in the size large in the diaper bag.
  2. Pampers swaddlers – These are our favorite diapers.
  3. Sound Machine – We spilled coffee on our sound machine when Lake was a few weeks old, so we keep this “spilled on” one as an extra for on the go naps! I ordered another one to have a clean one in the nursery – we always keep it playing in her room. My sister recommended this one and it has worked great (even through the coffee spill lol)!
  4. Baby blanket – I love this super soft little baby blanket, it is actually the first baby item I bought when I found out we were having a baby…. even before we knew if she was a girl or boy!
  5. Formula dispenser – If you use powder formula, my friend Amy recommended this formula dispenser – a great pre-measured way to take formula and mix with water while out!
  6. Como Tomo bottle handle + Bottles – These bottles are great and so easy to clean!
  7. Toys – I always like to bring a few small toys! Right now she loves her sophie teething toy and this bright starts activity sloth toy.
  8. Honest wipes – These are my favorite non-scented wipes.
  9. Burp Cloths – For feeding.
  10. Erbaviva Baby Butter – I love this brand for all baby and mama products.

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