How to be a person who loves running

You guys are always asking me for running tips, so I thought it would be fun to share a few things that have helped me love running along the way.

I have really enjoyed getting to motivate each other through this blog and Instagram lately!  I just singed up for the Dallas Marathon in December.  This will be my first full Marathon.  (I’ve done 3 halves and feel ready to take on a new challenge!)

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shoes // hat // star leggings

 Sign up for a race

Singing up for a race is what got me motivated to run in the beginning!  I started with a 5k then worked my way up to a half marathon.  Next up on the books is a 5k in June and a full marathon in December.

Workout Classes

Classes are great because you can meet up with friends there, you have to sign up ahead of time and you are going to get a different work out each time.  Barry’s Bootcamp is perfect for interval training and they use the best Woodway treadmills!   I also take Pilates at The Pilates Barre and workout at Equinox aside from outdoor runs.

 Cross Train

Incorporating other forms of exercise makes running easier.  I noticed a huge difference in my pace when I kept up with Pilates, strength training and interval classes.  It is so helpful for runners to have muscle strength and a strong core.

Find a running path that is convenient for you

Most of my long runs are done on a Trail that is less than a mile away from my apartment.  I look forward to it every weekend!

Use a Fitness tracker

Seeing your stats and progress is a great motivator.  I love using my apple watch and it connects everything to my phone.


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barrys bootcamp dallas

Barry’s Bootcamp is an amazing interval and strength training class.  The room is dark with loud music and such good teachers.  They have my favorite Woodway treadmills!

 krystal schlegel barry's bootcamp dallas

My favorite running shoes lately are these Asics and I got these leggings in camo and star print.  This Nike hat is lightweight and great for running.

barry's dallas

Barry’s is a great place to meet friends for a workout!  I’m excited to announce I’ll be hosting a class at Barry’s Bootcamp Dallas on Sunday May 20th, 2018 at 4pm.  Hope to see you there!

work out hard and be nice to people

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