Post Run Protein Smoothie

My favorite post run protein smoothie is to blend Almond milk, ice, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, dates (YUM!) and spinach.  Quick and healthy – this keeps me full until lunch.

green smoothie recipe

Jacket // sneakers // bodysuit // leggings // blender

Before my early week day runs I just have iced or black coffee then wait to eat breakfast until after my workout. I can’t do anything before drinking coffee, but like to do cardio on an empty stomach.  (Current run schedule here!)

My normal food timeline is coffee at 7, breakfast smoothie at 9, lunch at 12, snack at 3 and dinner at 7.  That way I’m never hangry or going more than 3 to 4 hours without eating.

On Saturday an hour before my long run, I have a dairy free smoothie or Perfect Bar before my run since I need fuel for anything over 6 miles.  Then after a long run I will have a smoothie, oatmeal with peanut butter, cinnamon & banana, GF lentil pasta or a healthy meal out.

Post run protein smoothie:

post run protein smoothie

Almond milk, ice, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, dates and spinach or kale. I just eye the ingredients and don’t measure.

post run smoothie recipeThe Vitamix blender is definitely a big investment, but works for smoothies, soups etc..    I got it because my old blender always got caught on the ice and there would be big chunks left when I went to pour my smoothie.  Vitamix had amazing reviews and I agree – it is so good!

smoothie recipe

This Aqua puffer jacket is perfect for to go to and from a workout.  It is nice and lightweight, packs into a little travel bag and is a Bloomingdale’s exclusive!  Wearing the size small and it also comes in a pretty Navy color.

Love these flattering black leggings because they are high waisted and don’t fall down when running, lifting or Pilates.  They also have a really fun moto panel detail! Wearing the size small for reference.

Big thanks to Bloomingdale’s for sponsoring this post.  Photos by Mary Hafner.

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