2018 was a big year for us! We completed a full Marathon and got engaged!  For now, I am training for a Half Marathon in February and want to feel my best when the Wedding comes!!  I just made up a 20 week New Year workout plan for Spring and wanted to share with ya’ll so you can follow along too!

new year fitness plan

jacket // leggings // shoes

For this new plan, I am running Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday. Long runs are on Saturday! Sometimes I will switch it up depending on other commitments.

Monday or Friday is usually either a rest day, weights, Pilates or HIIT class.  If I’m going to cross train on a run day, I will do the bike or stairs for as many minutes as that run would be with a heart rate above 150 BPM.  Every few weeks I will write in my weight just to keep track, but try not to be too intense with the number on the scale.

Several of you have said that you are currently training for a half or full Marathon – if you want the schedule I followed for those check this post and this post!  I also run with my Apple watch – more info on how I use mine here.

Simply click the chart image below so it gets bigger then print it!  I know I am much better at sticking to a schedule if I write down my running times or other workout for that day in the blank on the chart.  I also add the distances to my iPhone calendar so I have them set like a meeting for that morning.

2019 new year workout plan:

spring run schedule 2019

For a good 20 week half Marathon training program check out this post.

A few other things I do to feel my best is cut gluten, don’t drink alcohol and drink tons of water throughout the day by always having a big water bottle with me!

new year workout plan

What are your New Year fitness goals?!

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