Current workout schedule & Adidas sale

During the Summer heat in Texas, I have a more relaxed approach to working out. It is crazy hot in Dallas, so distance running is something I save for the Fall. Right now I’m focusing more on strength training, low impact cycling, 1-3 mile runs and walking. We walk a lot – almost every morning for iced coffee and often to dinner as well. In mid September I’m planning to pick up the pace a bit and add in a more structured distance running plan again. Just in time for Fall, there is also a big Adidas sale going on that I’m really excited to share!

adidas sale

Here is an example of August workouts:

I start pretty much every morning with a walk for iced coffee usually around 1 mile total.

Monday – Strength Training (Arms and Cardio Bursts)

Tuesday – Peloton ride

Wednesday– Strength Training (Legs and Cardio Bursts)

Thursday – Peloton ride or run

Friday – Long walk or run

Saturday – Strength Training or run

Sunday – Short walk or Peloton ride

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In addition to walking in the morning, we have also been walking to dinner a lot lately and this stylish pair has been great. If we are walking to a nicer dinner spot, I will just wear my Adidas sneakers then bring my Goyard tote bag with a change of heels for when we get to the restaurant. 😉

adidas tank

Working out is something I like to do to feel good and cool new clothes I feel confident in are always a top motivator! Adidas is a stylish sports brand that you can wear from workout to daily life and feel put together in.

adidas ebay

adidas sale

So excited to share that eBay is running a select Adidas sale with up to 75% off now through 9/4 here! It is the perfect time of year to get new pieces for Fall! I love these sneakers, this grey tank, this quilted jacket, this oversized sweatshirt and this zip up.

Kids and Mens are included as well – for Luke I love this black quarter zip, these black sneakers and this training tee.

adidas sale

Adidas Sale picks:

Big thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post. Images by Mary Hafner.

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