Everything in my shower

Just got out of the shower and went to re-order a few products! On that note, thought it would be fun to share EVERYTHING that is in my shower from shampoo to exfoliating gloves and razors.

my shower favorites

Shampoo + Conditioner

I use the Oribe Gold lust repair and restore shampoo + conditioner. It is pricey, but the large bottles last a very long time and I feel like it realllly helps smooth out my hair. When my hair is starting to look brassy, I use a cool toning purple shampoo + conditioner every other wash.

Hair mask

My mom and I both noticed a difference in softness after using this moisturizing hair mask. I use this 2x week.

Shower caps

If Iā€™m not washing my hair, I use a disposable cap. Quick and easy.

Face Wash

This deep clean face wash has such a good tingling / cooling feeling! I look forward to using it in my end of the day shower!

Exfoliating gloves

Exfoliating gloves are probably my favorite shower item. I use them when washing my face and body. They really help remove makeup and buff / smooth skin out in a natural way.

Body Wash

I use this natural body wash as both my body wash and shaving cream.

Foot File

I use my foot file about twice a month and only do my own at home for sanitary reasons. This Amazon one works really well – I just use it with my body wash.


Might be weird, but I actually use a men’s Gillette razor. I used to borrow Luke’s when we were dating and found that it was always easier to maneuver and a much closer shave than all of the women’s razors I had tried. I got my own. šŸ˜‰

Try my shower favorites:

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